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Tails Sprite Animation 1 Why hi there! Okay, so I'm not really moving all too fast at all in trying to write a proposal for my next big English paper. Therefore I'm going to write a little bit about it here: 
-where I type things out
-Nobody worries about Grammar (or anything really)
-If anyone random wants to share some helpful opinions-Sweet!
-And I can just copy and paste my own words to a word document for some cleaning later.

So, on that note.. Let's get started! Woo! 

Okay! so this is an argument paper that will look at TV influences- specifically animeNaruto Uzumaki (Thumbs Up)  Usagi La Emoticon 

The passion and personal connection to this paper is:
1) How much I'm into anime like Sailor Moon right now and how I think it'd be interesting to speak FOR anime being based on stories, culture, and real people (unlike cartoons as much)
2) My boyfriend's sister, Serena, survived from a suicide attempt and she watched an anime tv series called Death Note around that time.

Like similar arguments in the News to video game and movie influences vs. the mental health and stability of the person, 
I want to argue that the anime is not to blame and that it is the condition of the person.
There are definitely better ways to word it, but I think I can move on and it'll become clearer as I go.:gaming: - Full Version 

And because I'm going to choose to take this in baby steps and I'm becoming deviantart savvy as I go, I'm going to write this journal in the next two days in parts. Woo!


United States

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You're welcome! Thanks for the comment here and sharing your art!
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You're very welcome! I hope I can favorite more of your stuff later maybe :3
DragonDeAcero Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It will be a pleasure if you do ^^
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